Crisis Management
Handling your business nightmare before it happens. We build success for your business
Crisis Management
Handling your business nightmare before it happens. We build success for your business
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Getting right people to help you in every field. Be part of our Membership/Directories. Advertise your business needs to the right audiences.
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Business Crowdfunding Platform. Sell your shares or give rewards to get funds for your business ideas.
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Business Development
Let us design a plan for your business to succeed. We identify the pitfalls and get you on the right track. Find clients and markets you might have missed.
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We are a network of business professionals. Let us get the right people to help you improve your business.
From start-up financing to brand protection, your solutions are a click away. We put success at your fingertips.
Create a business plan that meets your needs, your budget and your vision of success.
Did you know that the word CRISIS In Asian Culture has TWO Meanings? Yes, both …DANGER and OPPORTUNITY !!! Did you know that in 1984… we purchased a property with $4,500 DEPOSIT … and resold it within 3 months and made $85,500 profit … that’s 1900% Profit … and in THREE (3) MONTHS!
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Our Approach
We have abandoned the typical “hourly rate” concept for one that pays for performance. Over the years, we have built an extensive network to ease entry to markets in Australia and South East Asia; and our preferred model seeks to form partnerships with new or emerging businesses, guiding these newcomers into the markets where our team can speed entry and growth. We believe the greatest success occurs when both sides are fully invested, with individual plans created for each new entity. In the long run, this approach saves your company time and money, for you will be working with a team with a proven track record in the Australian and South East Asian market.
The Founder
Founder George Sparsis spent more than 40 years running successful real estate ventures in Australia and bringing his business expertise and contacts to companies with problems to turn them around. He ran two real estate companies with 18 employees. Under his management, values of some properties increased more than 200 percent in the years after acquisition. In 1985, Mr. Sparsis created a ground- breaking model for “STRATA” approval, completing all necessary steps within three months. Mr. Sparsis’ innovations for trimming time and cost from the development approval process have been replicated across Australia; along with his connections in the country and across Asia, he has earned a reputation for getting things done. Based in Sydney, Mr. Sparsis is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, a Licensed Business Agent and an Auctioneer.